… is called “Building Information Modeling” and stands for transparent cost control in every planning phase, clear decision-making aids through 3D visualization of the entire project, fixed qualities including the associated costs, a clearly communicated construction process and much more.

Real Estate Management

Dear Mr. Löffelholz,

We are happy to meet your request for a letter of recommendation.

Your office has always been a reliable partner for us in many projects. Again and again you have not only managed to implement our ideas but also to exceed them. The costs you calculated were always precisely adhered to.

As a company that owns many properties, we particularly appreciate the competent advice on the topics of energy-efficient and sustainable building. The decision aids provided, such as the ranking lists of the components or the life cycle costs, are helpful and expedient.

We thank you for your commitment and look forward to our next projects.

Yours sincerely
L. S.

Dear Mr. Löffelholz,

According to your request, we will be happy to give you a brief assessment of our previous cooperation.

Your office has proven itself positively thanks to its extremely short response times when processing our projects. We can only thank you for your competent implementation of our projects with the authorities. Your work on the construction sites has always been productive.

We would be happy to commission you again at any time for future projects and can recommend you with a clear conscience.

Yours sincerely

Bürgerliches Brauhaus


Public Sector

Dear Mr. Löffelholz,

Following your request, we will be happy to issue this letter of recommendation to your office with a clear conscience.

Working with your office is always very pleasant for us. Particularly noteworthy is the adherence to deadlines and costs, which your office has demonstrated in all of the projects it has worked on, whether new construction or renovation. The specified time and budget were adhered to for all completed construction projects.

When planning our projects, you and your team examine all of the wishes we have expressed with great expertise, both in terms of feasibility and in terms of service life and subsequent maintenance costs. In discussions you always manage to convince us with well-founded specialist knowledge and figures. The documents you have worked out are always effective and support the decision-making bodies in a positive manner.

Due to your innovative way of not only planning projects in three-dimensional space, but also controlling them, problem areas of buildings are recognized and positively solved as early as the planning phase. You not only have the physical effects of each intervention in view, but also the longevity and the subsequent maintenance effort at all times.

With this letter, we would also like to underline the high level of acceptance of the people who come and go in the projects you have implemented.

In summary, we can say: If we work together with your office, buildings that are economical and valuable for the public are created. This fact makes us happy to fall back on your office again and again.

With best regards

District of Lindau (Lake Constance)
Head of building construction / building management
Dipl. Ing. (FH) H. S.

Dear Sirs and Madames,

Since I started working as chairman of the school association Sigmarszell Weißensberg in May 2014, the planning office Löffelholz has planned, accompanied and successfully brought to a conclusion three large projects.

The first project of my term of office was the renovation of the school roof of the main wing, which took place in 2014 because parts of it had already become leaky. The work could be completed within the planned timeframe and in terms of costs, the measure was able to be completed below the estimated cost volume, which is a rarity these days.

The technically competent support of the school roof renovation of the main wing was the reason for us to once again fall back on the competent planning services and construction management of this office for the other roof areas and to commission Mr Löffelholz with this project. These would also be due for renovation in the near future, according to the expert assessment of the planning office. Here, too, Mr. Löffelholz and his competent employees succeeded in completing the measure in 2015, despite a short preliminary planning phase and an ambitious time frame, whereby this time it was a precision landing from a cost point of view.

The renovation of the various roof areas could be completed almost exactly within the planned cost volume. It should be emphasized that the planning office Löffelholz included the future prospects in its planning, both in the renovation of the school roof of the main wing in 2014 and in the renovation of the remaining roof areas: the roof renovation work was implemented in such a way that later a modern renovation according to energy efficiency standards Facade of the building could be made up.

As a third project, the planning office Löffelholz implemented the renovation of the boys’ toilets in the school building of the Sigmarszell Weißensberg school association, which was also completed quickly and even more cheaply than the cost calculation.

For the good, smooth coordination of the various trades that were involved in the construction work, which enabled the projects to succeed without delay, the planning office Löffelholz deserves the greatest respect. Furthermore, the employees of the planning office Löffelholz must always be certified as friendly, objective and respectful cooperation. This was not insignificant for the fact that the three structural measures, some of which had to be implemented during school days, could be carried out without significant complaints from the teachers, parents or students. In all three projects, we were well informed about possible imponderables that could arise during the construction work. The planning office Löffelholz had always anticipated the positions for the unpredictable with sufficient certainty in terms of planning and calculation. The advice given before and during the construction phases for the sustainability of the work to be carried out was exemplary.

With best regards

J. A.
First Mayor


Private Builders

Our specifications, namely ecological building, modern architecture and barrier-free living, were implemented to our full satisfaction by the planning office Löffelholz.

Strong insulation, ventilated facades, airtightness, heat protection glazing, vertically mounted, large solar collectors, ventilation system with earth register and heat exchanger and buffer storage result in an extremely low additional energy requirement (15 kWh / m² living space) that inspires.

There can be no question of living in a closed “plastic bag”. On the contrary – the controlled ventilation guarantees a consistently pleasant atmosphere in the house. The right settings for the building services technology are found quickly. After that, the building technology components run almost unnoticed.

Gone are the days of “wrong” ventilation and the associated loss of energy. In this way, the higher investment for the necessary elements of a passive house is worthwhile in the medium term.

We feel very much at home in our house and we would build like this again, i.e. again with planning and construction management by our architect and implementation by competent craftsmen. And if our budget were adhered to again, one could also think about additional measures such as geothermal energy, photovoltaics and heat pumps.

Family B.

In principle, we felt that we were in the best of hands at the planning office, and we were very well advised in terms of energy. Due to its south-facing orientation, our building consumes very little heating energy, which of course has a positive effect on the wallet. Since I myself have some specialist knowledge as a civil engineer, I was able to contribute my expertise in coordination with the architect. So we found the optimal solution for the ventilation system and my family and I benefit from a great indoor climate. We are basically very satisfied with the concept of the room layout and would do the same again.

With my experience in the same industry, I might have done a few things differently when it came to checking the deadlines, but in the end the construction process went very well. The tendering, contracting and in particular the exemplary cost control of the planning office Löffelholz I particularly want to praise and here I can only express my recommendation.

M. H.

Dear Mr. Löffelholz,

You had set yourself the task of renovating, modifying and extending my house. When planning, you always responded to my wishes, took them up and refined them in order to implement them even better. With your 20 years of experience, you have implemented the developed ideas and drawings in form, color and function. You already illustrated the various options for me with the help of 3D images during the drafts. So I was able to decide with a clear idea what details should look like.

You have always followed my inclination for attention to detail without a legacy, which I give you great credit. You planned the details exactly and the craftsmen gave good instruction. This enabled them to implement the plan perfectly, so that it not only looks good on the first day, but also lasts for a long time. Even with the subtleties like hanging up pictures, you were always at my side with your professional advice.

In every planning phase you were always able to tell me the costs within seconds. That gave me a very special feeling of being able to decide spontaneously. You have proven to me again and again that your numbers are correct. You have always complied with the costs that you have calculated. This is a unique selling point that sets you apart in particular.

You have commissioned hand-picked companies with whom you have had good experience to implement the project. Since these companies know each other for the most part, the cooperation on the construction site was exemplary. Due to the interlinking of the individual trades, this is very advantageous for the timing and quality. During the construction phase, I saved myself an accompanying appraiser who checked the building, because you yourself have the additional qualification as an appraiser for buildings. Another advantage is that a mistake will not even be made because the planning was correct. The result of the work on my house is well above the VOB. I enjoy every single detail in my house every day.

Even when redesigning my garden, you hit the bull’s eye. Holistic advice was very important to you. That is why the overall result turned out so good, because everything is made of one piece. Your handwriting runs through the whole.

I really appreciate the work of you and your team and I recommend you with a clear conscience.

With best regards

M. P.

Feel-good factor / team

To start with: we are convinced that we have chosen the right planning office. We look forward to coming to your premises every time: there is team spirit and a positive, focused atmosphere. We are dealing here with committed, loyal people who take care of our project beyond what is absolutely necessary.


Our project is pretty tricky. But again and again we are amazed at the creativity and forward-looking energy with which the most diverse practical constraints and surprises are met. Fast reactions and flexibility are often required here, and again and again: positive thinking! With a view to the goal, the thousands of large and small challenges are dealt with pragmatically, with experience and expertise. And with all of this, you always remain open to our inputs. Our wishes have been integrated very well into the project and we are convinced that in the end we will get the best possible.

In summary, we can say that we feel that we are in good hands with the planning office Löffelholz, we would also turn to you with confidence for the next project and we will be happy to recommend you.

Mrs. F., Mr. K.

The first step in choosing an architectural office was the ‘style decision’. The second step was the selection of an office that adheres to the calculated final price. And the third step was asking for references. All three steps ultimately led to the Löffelholz planning office.

The fact that the architect is also an interior designer ultimately turned out to be extremely beneficial. In addition, the energetic advice was extremely detailed, always considering not only the economy but also the ecology – the cost / benefit calculation was positive in the first year .

So in the end a building came out that really contained all the wishes and could not have been planned better. And it was still fully within the calculated price (apart from our changes during the construction phase, but after all, an architect is not a clairvoyant). The latter is mainly due to the fact that it was planned (and advised) first, then tendered and finally built – a more than recommendable approach. And that under constant / daily ‘observation’ of a site manager, so that problems and / or coordination could be communicated very quickly.

Conclusion: If we were to build again (a theoretical case, in practice probably rather impossible), then the decision regarding the architecture office would certainly be the same. And there would certainly not be many changes to the building.

Family A.

Your idea to design the stairs as they are now was just brilliant. Materials, color design, light … it all fits together!

We just feel comfortable with the implementation. Even with the search for suitable craftsmen you had a lucky hand.

The redesign of our terrace with a partition wall and awning is like a new living space in the open air, in which we really enjoy being.

The cost of the entire work was pretty much in line with what you said.

We would work with you again anytime!

Family S.

Our decision to build the multi-generation house project with the planning office Löffelholz was a style decision.
The first planning sketches on the rather difficult plot of land (very narrow and long) convinced us immediately. After the first draft, only slight changes to the concept of the room layout were required before the actual planning could begin.

When allocating the individual trades, however, the difficult situation at that time (and still existing) among the craftsmen became apparent, which was reflected in a not inconsiderable cost increase. However, this fact cannot be blamed on the planning office.
We are pleasantly surprised with the ongoing energy costs. By using geothermal energy, the energy requirement could be kept low. Our expectations were fully met.
We feel very comfortable in our new home.

Family B.

We are completely satisfied with the implementation of the energetic concept, because life in our new house is very pleasant. As promised, the energy consumption of our house is quite low. The design of the building also fully corresponds to our wishes and ideas. We were thoroughly satisfied with the work done by the engineering office. We feel very comfortable here.

Family S.


Hotel Industry & Gastronomy

A good decision

Our goal – to make the “Alte Post” fit for the next 30 years. The restaurant shouldn’t lose any of its cosiness and the hotel shouldn’t lose its charm.

Many discussions, solutions, plans and changes were necessary. A building under monument protection brings some surprises with it.

The office 1zu1 loeffelholz has its finger on the pulse of the times, we are today looking forward to a chic restaurant that has not lost any of its cosiness. Whether the new windows and doors made of modern oak, the entrance area with automatic doors, the lighting concept, the exceptionally beautiful restaurant guest toilets, the corridors in the hotel area, room doors, the roof terrace and, last but not least, the facade with the new logo convince us and our guests. We get a lot of recognition and praise for the successful renovation.

Due to special competence in the development of high-quality architecture – from our point of view, the office rightly enjoys an excellent reputation. Accordingly, we can unreservedly recommend the office 1zu1 loeffelholz with clear conscience.

Ingrid Manz, leaseholder of the “Alte Post”, Lindau



… We were always properly picked up and taken along with all open questions that concern us before, within and after a construction project. We have received a building that gives us the best possible support in our daily business, both in the workflow and in the presentation to the outside world.

The planning office Löffelholz has managed to transfer our philosophy into the building, which is reflected in the clear design language.

The building technology / geothermal energy / ventilation and building envelope are implemented in a coherent overall concept and are in tune with the times. The careful use of resources is the top priority.

We felt that we were in good hands and properly understood in all phases of the project with the planning office.

The construction costs were presented transparently, which enabled the entire project team to have a constructive discussion and ultimately led to the specified goal.

F. S.


5 Dimensions

1st Dimension

If the zero point is extended, a straight line is obtained - the first dimension.

2nd Dimension

Expanding the straight line, you get a rectangle. A geometric figure emerges.

3rd Dimension

A Z-axis turns the figure into a body. And the bodies or components developed by us can all be evaluated and used.

4th Dimension

Our advantage: Our components receive evaluable properties. We define size, material, surface, etc.

5th Dimension

Another benefit: the timeline. We can calculate costs for maintenance and repair already in the planning phase.