... innovation is our best chance to solve the tasks of our time sustainably ...

Real estate management

Realized values - economical, ecological, future-oriented, affordable and profitable.

Public sector

Sustainability, cost security and adherence to deadlines - the focus in public sector projects.

property developer

Secure control of costs and quality - with BIM "Building Information Modeling".

Hotel Industry & Gastronomy

Warm, welcoming and unique. The guarantee for guests who would like to come back and recommend you to others.


Guarantee of effective work, statement, unique position, representation - for companies and their environment.

Private builders

From dreams to concrete ideas, from plans to the implementation of your personal business card.


More focus on drafts? With a strong partner for BIM, costs and LV generation.

Who is behind 1zu1?

A team – a group of several people who pursue a common goal with the same values: satisfied customers.

With many years of experience, a well-coordinated team, state-of-the-art technology and innovative control methods, we get to the heart of even the most complex circumstances, visualize them and support them with meaningful and realistic figures, data and facts. This makes decision-making easy and building a pleasure.