Real estate management

Real estate managers think in big time frames. However, whether investments are as profitable as previously calculated usually only becomes apparent later.

Our focus is not only on construction costs, but also on maintenance costs over the life cycle of a building. Why? So that our clients can make their decisions based on calculated facts.

Public sector

For us, clear guidelines for action are compliance with the procurement law and the extensive guidelines.

We build the planning tasks with BIM “Building Information Modeling” first and so we can precisely determine and control the expected costs from the very first draft.

property developer

The framework conditions are defined, now it has to be implemented.

As a partner to construction professionals, we have a keen eye for costs and deadlines. We implement the projects with BIM “Building Information Modeling”. This means that all information about the project is combined in one model – sustainable, professional, contemporary, reliable and with controlled costs.

Private Builders

Your own property, shaped according to individual wishes and built as a personal business card … But costs are rising, land is scarce and materials and promises are diverse and complex.

So that building and living is still fun, the course must be set correctly in the planning phase. Because only there can construction and maintenance costs really be influenced. With BIM “Building Information Modeling” we combine all information in one model, evaluate it, optimize planning and strive for the perfect result.

Hotel Industry & Gastronomy

The hospitality industry needs emotions to please guests. This is the point at which architecture and its implementation either support it or must be masked with a lot of effort.

Whether monument, old or new building, charm, glamor or reduced modernity – we work out the individual ideas with BIM (Building Information Modeling) in a five-dimensional model that gives the impression of the finished building even before construction. So that guests are delighted when they leave and are happy to recommend you to others.


The idea: A building as a statement, business card and representative, the internal processes structured, well thought out and adaptable.

BIM “Building Information Modeling” creates a digital model with five dimensions that not only enables visual communication with everyone involved, but also combines all data and facts. This includes costs, qualities, sizes, shapes, maintenance, materials and much more. But it is also the basis for simulations and the realization, so that wishes and ideas can become reality.


The expectations of the profession are high. Creativity, taste, well thought-out solutions and numbers “at the push of a button”.

We push the button and support third-party projects by adopting the individual architecture and planning as a 1-to-1 BIM model. The model is then our basis for communication with you as a colleague, the calculation and control of costs and quality, the creation of specifications or the visualization for your customer. The result: clearly calculable internal costs and an economical implementation of the corresponding service phases.

Thats what our customers say

... Particularly noteworthy is the adherence to deadlines and costs, which your office has demonstrated in all the projects it has worked on, whether new construction or renovation. ...

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Helmut Stauber

District of Lindau (Lake Constance), Head of Building Construction / Building Management